Black clay Terre noire de Sarval

Ready-to-use black clay paste


 All skin types


Our black clay Terre Noire de Sarval, is unique for its colour, texture, composition, and properties. It is 100% pure mineral and combines all the clays properties : it detoxifies and restores mineral balance. It is known for its great absorbency, its ability to draw toxins and impurities from the skin, to tone by bringing blood to surface areas, and to exfoliate dead skin cells, thereby improving the skin’s overall health and appearance. It is ideal for all skin types.



100g tubes or 20kg buckets

Black clay Terre de Sarval soap

 All skin types

Our gentle clay soap is perfect for the gentle cleansing of all types of skins. Formulated with a vegetal soap base, it is enriched with clay and :

  • Mandarin essential oil : Powerful relaxant
  • Argan oil : Nourishing and Hydrating
  • Sweet almond oil : Soothing and rich in vitamins
  • Olive oil  : Protective

Soaps 100g