Rassal and Montmorillonite clay shampoo

For all kind of hair types



Our Rassal clay shampoo improves the health of the scalp and hair. It is enriched with a complex of vegetable oils (apricot and evening primrose) and essential oils (Bergamot orange, Listea cubeba and Tea Tree), selected with the utmost care to enhance its cleansing properties and to leave the hair lightly fragranced.


Shampoo for all hair types


Available in 200g pump dispenser

and 5 L cans.





Our gentle clay soaps are perfect for the gentle cleansing of all types of skins. Formulated with a vegetal soap base, they are enriched with clay and essential oils. They leave the skin clear, fresh, purified, supple and soft and preserve the skin's natural balance.



White clay soap


Sensitive skins


Lemon essential oil : Anti-oxydant and antiseptic

Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating

Pink clay soap


Dry skin


Sweet almond oil : Soothing and rich in vitamins

  Argan oil : Rejuvenating and rich in beneficial nutrients

Rose essential oil : Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating

Blue clay soap


 Dull, stressed, and lifeless skin


Lemongrass essential oil : purifying and toning

Apricot kernet oil : rich in Vitamins A and E

Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating

Purple clay soap


Sensitive, dull skins



Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating

Yellow clay soap

Normal skins

Jojoba oil : Soothing and softening

Calendula hydrosol : Anti-Inflammatory, healing, antioxydant

 Lemongrass & Listea Cubeba essential oils : Soothing and softening

Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating

Red clay soap

 Mature and tired skins

Black cumin oil  : fortifying, regenerating and antioxidant

Hazelnut oil  : Protective  and penetrative

  Ylang-ylang, patchouli, lemon & Abrial lavender essential oils : prevent premature wrinkling

Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating

Black clay soap


All skin types

Mandarin essential oil : Powerful relaxant

Argan oil : Nourishing and Hydrating

Sweet almond oil : Soothing and rich in vitamins

Olive oil  : Protective

Rassal and Montmorillonite clay soap



Body and hair


Hazelnut oil  : Protective and penetrative

Argan oil : Nourishing and hydrating


Montmorillonite clay soap


Oily skins


Lavandin, Sage and Rosemary  essential oils : Soothing and relaxing

Olive oil and Glycerin : Moisturizing and hydrating


Green Illite clay soap


Acne-prone skin


Lavandin, Lemon, Mint, Romarinus and

Thyme  essential oils : Tonic and healing

Olive oil  : Soothing and softening

Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating