French Rassal clay

French Rassal superfine clay

 The cleansing clay


 RASSAL is a French clay renowned for its outstanding ability to wash, detoxify, nourish and condition the skin and hair. Rassal replaces soap, shampoo, conditioner & cleanser. It suits all skin and hair types. It is soap free and fragrance free and will not foam or lather during use. RASSAL is pure and not washed, it releases a high concentration of essential minerals and trace elements into the dermis, encouraging better skin health and reduced  signs of aging. Follicle health and hair quality  are also improved.


When Rassal clay is mixed with water, the clay particles swell up to create a paste that has an enormous capacity of absorption. This paste binds together any dirt and debris as well as excessive oil, acting like an ink blotter to cleanse it away without stripping the skin or hair of its protective natural layer.

Rassal clay in paste


100% Natural face and body mask. Ready for use. Renews and smoothes skin leaving it refreshed and luminous thanks to the life-giving forces of the clay.

Suitable for face, body and hair.


100g tubes or 20kg buckets

Rassal and Montmorillonite clay soap


Our gentle clay soap is perfect for the gentle cleansing of all types of skins. Formulated with a vegetal soap base, it is enriched with clay and :

  • Hazelnut oil  : Protective and penetrative
  • Argan oil : Nourishing and hydrating

Suitable for face, body and hair


Soap 100g