Red Illite clay

Superfine red Illite clay

Mature and tired skins


Red Illite Clays is very efficient at drawing, dirt, oils, and toxins from the skin. It is rich in red iron oxide, It helps reduce wrinkle formation and restores radiance and vitality to the skin. Red

clay is also known for improving blood Circulation.

It can also be added to soaps to increase lather, add exfoliation, and to provide natural color.


The use of a paper bag makes it possible to preserve all the qualities of the clay and to reduce our impact on the environment.


Available in different sizes : 250g, 300g, 750g, 1kg, 5kg & 25kg

Ready-to-use red Illite clay paste

 100% Natural face and body mask. Ready for use. Renews and smoothes skin leaving it refreshed and luminous thanks to the life-giving forces of the clay. Suitable for mature and tired skins.


100g tubes or 20kg buckets

Red Illite clay soap

Our gentle clay soap is perfect for the gentle cleansing of all types of skins. Formulated with a vegetal soap base, it is enriched with clay and :

  • Black cumin oil  : fortifying, regenerating and antioxidant
  • Hazelnut oil  : Protective  and penetrative
  • Ylang-ylang, patchouli, lemon & Abrial lavender essential oils : prevent premature wrinkling
  • Cocoa butter Nourishing and protective
  • Glycerine : Moisturizing and hydrating

Soap 100 g